Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Caroline's Birthday Party

Caroline's birthday party was on the Sunday before her birthday on Wednesday. Her party was at Chuck E. Cheese's. She was so excited about her party. Last August we went to a neighbor's party at Chuck E. Cheese and ever since then Caroline has said she wanted her party there. And she did not forget! I asked her time and time again if she wanted a ballerina party, a princess party, a jump zone party, but she wanted her party at Chuck E. Cheese's! And it turned out to be such a fun party!
She loved riding this horse!
She enjoyed playing games with her Daddy!
Catherine had fun at the party, too!
Lesley and I posed for a picture with the birthday girl, but she was too busy to stop for a pic!
Excited about all the tickets she won!
The family. Uncle Jeremy and Uncle Tyler really enjoyed themselves at the party. They played and played and won a lot of tickets for Caroline. When the party was over, she had over 1,000 tickets to use for a prize. She picked a great big purple ball!
Me and the birthday girl
Enjoying their pizza
Checking out the princess birthday cake
Singing happy birthday to the birthday princess!
Getting her birthday medallion. She was so excited when she saw this medallion. Her face was priceless!
Caroline was very brave to get into the ticket blaster. She stayed in for a little while, but then got a little scared!
Caroline had such a fun birthday party. She enjoyed celebrating with her sweet friends and family. And she loved Chuck E. Cheese's. I joked with Tripp that she will want her birthday party there next year, too!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Beautiful Ballerina

Caroline had her very first ballet recital this month. She has been taking a ballet/tap combo class since August. For the recital called "Under the Sea", her class performed a ballet number. Caroline was so excited to dance a ballet on the stage! She has loved dance this year and dances around the house all the time. I have been very impressed with all that she has learned. She knows first through fourth positions and has learned many French ballet terms. Her favorite move she performed in the recital is "arabesque around the world"! I loved Caroline's recital costume. Her class wore a mixture of pink, yellow, and teal costumes. For some reason, her teacher chose pink for her! I think she got to know Caroline pretty well in class!
Striking a pose
Caroline and her friend Jordan
Sweet ballerinas
Caroline and her friend Anna
Practicing her moves backstage before the recital
Puppy and Grandaddy with the baby girls
Caroline did a great job during the recital. She was such a graceful ballerina! (These pictures were actually taken during the dress rehearsal because no flash photography was allowed during the actual performance.)
The ballerina with her proud Daddy
Caroline and Olivia
Caroline and Catherine

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last day of school

I cannot believe that summer is already here! Caroline's last day of 3 y/o preschool was Friday. It feels like yesterday was her first day at Madison Methodist. She has had a wonderful year, and we have loved her school. When we knew we were moving back to Jackson, I started looking at preschools for Caroline. One weekend when we were in town I visited Madison Methodist and met the director. I just felt like it would be a great fit for Caroline. I am so thankful to God that there was a spot for her. Usually there is a long waiting list and some people spend the night at the church the day before registration to be sure their child gets a spot. I know it was God's provision that worked all of that out! We are so excited that she will be attending 4 y/o preschool there, too! Our ballerina on her last day of school(Can you tell Caroline was excited about her recital the next day?)
She wanted to take a picture on her bike!
At the end of the year party, the kids decorated foam visors with stickers and then we took a class picture of them wearing their visors. So cute!
Caroline and her friend Anna
Caroline on her first day of 3 y/o preschool
and her last day

Beach Trip

I had a great time at the beach with my best friends from high school. We had some wonderful girl time and enjoyed visiting with each other and being lazy at the beach! We drove down on my birthday and went out to dinner at King Neptune's to celebrate. It was a delicious meal and so much fun sharing my birthday with these girls!
We usually stay at my friend's family's condo, but this year we stayed at a house in Fort Morgan. It was so nice! It had five bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and a huge deck on the back overlooking the beach. Our view from the deck
We had beautiful weather and enjoyed our time on the beach.
All of us except Elizabeth who was taking the picture. We are on our way to Scoops for ice cream after dinner. We missed Bo and Aimee who could not come this year.
I love these girls!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I had a wonderful birthday spent with family and friends. The Sunday night before my birthday we had dinner at Aunt Dodo and Uncle B.G.'s house and celebrated together. It was a fun night with family.
I love this picture of Catherine and Olivia playing together!
Daddy and his girls
Catherine had fun playing with Aunt Dodo and Gomme and Dandy!
Olivia eating her dinner
On Mother's Day, we went to dinner with Winnie, Grandaddy, Uncle Tyler, and Aunt Taylor. After dinner, we came back to our house and celebrated Mother's Day and my birthday. Tripp gave me this beautiful Peter's Pottery bowl!
My actual birthday was spent traveling to the beach with friends! I will post about that fun trip next!