Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ole Miss - Tennessee Game

Tripp and I went to Knoxville last weekend for the Ole Miss - Tennessee game. Puppy and Granddaddy kept Caroline while we were gone. This was our first trip to Knoxville, and we had a fun weekend together!

On Friday night, we went to Market Square in downtown Knoxville. We ate dinner at Cafe 4, and it was delicious. I highly recommend it if you are ever in Knoxville.

We were hoping to see a good football game since Ole Miss and Tennessee are both having rough seasons. But the game was pretty much over after the first quarter. Of course, Tripp and I stayed to the end like we always do to support our Rebels.

After the game, we met up with my best friend Ashley, her husband, and some of their friends. They live in Chattanooga and drove up for the game. We had a fun afternoon hanging out together and visiting. We ate a late lunch/dinner at the Copper Cellar on the strip and spent hours just talking and laughing!

Please notice in the above picture that Ashley is proudly supporting the Rebels! Ashley has lived in Tennessee now for over 10 years, but she is still a Mississippi girl!


Tripp and I took Caroline to Build-A-Bear Workshop a couple of weeks ago. This was her first trip there and she loved every minute of it!

Caroline had a hard time deciding which animal she wanted to make. She finally the chose a black bear, with a little help from her Daddy!

Caroline enjoyed every step of making her black bear!

After the bear was made and Caroline gave her a bath, it was time to pick out clothes. Of course Caroline picked out a pink ballerina outfit!

Caroline named her bear Bella Ballerina. After she was all dressed up Caroline strolled her around the store about a hundred times!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Caroline had so much fun on Halloween this year! We went trick-or-treating with our friends Jason, Jennifer, and Charlotte. Caroline loved every minute. She kept saying "I want to go to that house" as we would pass them by. I think she would have gone to every house in the neighborhood if we let her! At one house, a nice lady gave Caroline and Charlotte each a Dr. Seus book. Caroline looked at the lady and said "I want candy!" I guess I trained her well for trick-or-treating!

The most precious lamb and Abby Cadabby you will ever see!

Caroline would run right up to the door and knock! Charlotte was taking it all in!

Trick-or-treating with my girl!

Caroline and Tripp in front of the best house in the neighborhood! You had to walk through the haunted house blow-up to get your candy. There were kid ninjas hiding inside to scare you, but luckily Jennifer saw them and asked them not to scare Charlotte and Caroline! After you got your candy, someone on the balcony sent a balloon down to you that had a neon glowing bracelet attached!

The trick-or-treating group!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ole Miss - Auburn Game

Ole Miss played Auburn in Oxford this year on Halloween weekend. Tripp and I decided to rent a house for the weekend since a lot of people we knew were coming to the game. And our good friends, Jenni and Travis, came with us. We were so excited to show them around Oxford and Ole Miss and share their first Grove experience! Winnie and Granddaddy came up for the game, too, and stayed with us.

Caroline and Winnie before we left for the Grove

It turned out to be a perfect day for groving and football. We had so much fun in the Grove visiting with friends and family!

Caroline and Taylor

Tripp and I with Jenni and Travis

Jenni and I planned a great Grove menu and we had so much food!

Granddaddy and Winnie gave Caroline her own Ole Miss Grove chair! Caroline loved sitting in it at the tent!

Caroline was so excited to get her picture made with the Rebelettes in the Grove. With her dance moves, she may be a future Rebelette!

Winnie and Granddaddy were so sweet to keep Caroline for us during the game. Caroline was so excited to ride the Double Decker bus with Winnie and Granddaddy back to the Square!

We had another great weekend with family and friends in Oxford! We did lose the game, but the atmosphere in the stadium before the game started was electric. I was so happy to be there to cheer on my Rebels!

Halloween Party

The Friday before Halloween, Caroline's class at school had a Halloween party. All of the kids in her class wore their costumes. They all looked so cute and enjoyed having their picture made!

Caroline (Abby Cadabby) and Caleb (a pirate)

The kids loved Tripp! Caroline kept reminding them that he was her Daddy by saying "My Daddy" about a thousand times!

Caroline and her friends