Sunday, September 19, 2010

Game Weekend

Friday afternoon Tripp, Caroline, and I drove to Oxford. We spent Friday night with our family who lives there. We went to dinner at Newk's and had a great time catching up. Caroline has grown very fond of Kevin and Jill and their kids so she had a great time!

Jill, Kevin, Andrew, Tripp, and Caroline at Newk's

Caroline and Andrew

Caroline slept the entire 3-hour drive to Oxford so I knew she would be up late! Jill, Tripp, and I decided to take Caroline for a stroll around the Square. After going around the Square, Jill took us to a park close by so Caroline could play for a minute (we were trying to wear her out!).

Strolling around the Square

Jill took this picture of us in the telephone booth on the Square

Caroline finally tired out around 11pm! Saturday was game day! We enjoyed a nice relaxing morning at the Gardner's house before the 11:30 game. Winnie and Granddaddy drove up Saturday morning and met us at the house.

Caroline with Winnie and Granddaddy

Sarah Gaines and her friend Molly kept Caroline for us while we went to the game. And Caroline had so much fun with them! They took Caroline to eat lunch at Abner's and then strolled up to the Square to get some yogurt at YaYa's.

Caroline with her babysitters

With our girl before the game

The game was so HOT! Since it was at 11:30, we were in the sun the entire time. The game, of course, was one big disappointment, but it did not ruin our weekend. After the game, we went back to the Gardner's and cooled off and visited with friends and family. Winnie and I decided to take Caroline back to the park. Caroline enjoyed swinging and going down the slides!

We had another wonderful weekend in Oxford with family. I love taking Caroline to Oxford on game weekends. We have started a family tradition that will last for a long time! Before we know it, Tripp and I will be going to Ole Miss on game weekends to visit Caroline!!! Thank you, Kevin and Jill, for opening up your home to us and letting us stay with you (and thank you, Sarah Gaines, for giving up your room!).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puppy and Granddaddy

Tripp and I both had to work this weekend, so Puppy and Granddaddy came to keep Caroline. Caroline was so excited to see them, as usual! We had a great weekend together. Puppy pretty much played with Caroline every second, and Tripp, Dad, and I watched a lot of football. Of course, we watched the Ole Miss game on Saturday night and cheered them on. Hotty Toddy! We were so glad we won!

Caroline is the only grandchild on both sides so every time she sees her grandparents, she is lavished with prizes (yes, my child is spoiled and very blessed, too!). So the first thing she wanted to do was open her prizes from Puppy and Granddaddy (and she even had gifts from Gomme and Dandy, her great-grandparents). Tripp said it looked like Christmas morning when Caroline got done opening her presents!

One prize was a cupcake set. Caroline played and played with her cupcakes. She would sing "happy birthday to you" when she gave one of us a cupcake. Too cute!

Saturday afternoon, Tripp and Dad played golf, and Puppy, Caroline, and I ran a few errands. The first stop was Gigi's cupcakes!

We had a wonderful weekend with family. Tripp and I are so thankful for our parents who make the 10-hour round trip very often to come see us and keep Caroline when we have to work. And Caroline has the best time when they come!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Grove!

On Saturday, we went to Ole Miss for the first football game. We had such a great day, except for the game! The weather was perfect for groving, and Caroline had a great time hanging out in the Grove with family and friends.

Tripp's cousins, Jill and Kevin, live in Oxford and they are always so sweet to let us hang out at their beautiful home. We met Winnie and Granddaddy there before we went to the Grove.

As we were walking up to the Grove, Caroline saw the tents and shouted "the Grove"! She was so excited to be at Ole Miss!

Caroline with her Daddy, Granddaddy, and Uncle!

Caroline and Winnie in front of the Nutt House tent!

Taylor and Tyler

The girls!

Caroline listening to the band and watching the cheerleaders!

Taylor's family was so sweet to host us at their tent. The food was delicious and the company was great! We did not take Caroline to the game. She went back to Jill and Kevin's house with Winnie during the game and played.

We had such a wonderful day with family and friends. Of course, we were very disappointed in the outcome of the game. But we are Ole Miss fans, always have been and always will be. Ole Miss is our home, our family. We will be back at Ole Miss for the Vandy game, hopefully for a victory! Go Rebels! Hotty Toddy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


One afternoon last week, I planned for Caroline to decorate cupcakes. While she was napping, I baked the cupcakes and got everything ready. If you watch Noggin at all, you have probably seen the activity making Dora cupcakes. So I thought we would make a couple of Dora cupcakes and some with sprinkles.

Caroline was not interested in the Dora cupcakes. She wanted to design her own with sprinkles! I have never seen cupcakes covered in sprinkles like these were!

The finished product! Caroline had a great time decorating and eating the cupcakes! (Please don't compare my Dora cupcakes to the examples on Noggin!)