Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy in Conway!

Last week Caroline and I went to Conway, Arkansas, to visit my best friend Tracy and her family. Tracy and I met as freshmen at Ole Miss and have been best friends ever since. And now it is so fun because we both have girls only a few months apart! Caroline was so excited to go to Adalyn's house! She could not wait to get there. Tracy also has a sweet boy named Hugh who will turn 2 in October. He was a good sport with the girls around and pretty much did his own thing!

They have a pool in their backyard so we did lots of swimming! I was so impressed with Adalyn and Caroline. Neither of them wanted to wear their floaties and they swam all over the pool!

Taking a popsicle break!

We had been in the pool for about 5 minutes when Caroline noticed the diving board. She immediately had to jump off the diving board, and she and Adalyn must have jumped off a thousand times!

Caroline and Adalyn only get to see each other about once a year, but they are always so excited to see each other and play together. I was gladly surprised at how sweet they played and interacted together. Adalyn was so sweet to share all of her toys with Caroline!

Tracy and I tried to buy the girls the same presents so they could play happily together! Here they are checking out their new lipglosses and twirling in their matching tutus!

Tracy even got the girls matching swimsuits and PJs (pictured with their matching pink teeth)!

On Monday, Caroline attended Adalyn's gymnastics class. The girls looked so cute in their leotards! (Tracy and I love this picture of the girls holding hands walking into gymnastics. Precious!)

On Tuesday, Tracy got a babysitter for Hugh and we took the girls to Little Rock. The first stop was Pigtails and Crewcuts where the girls got their hair cut.

Looking so sweet after they were finished!

After that we went to lunch and then did a little shopping. We got the girls some candy and Tracy and I took turns going into stores and watching the girls!

After nap time, the girls made pink cupcakes!

Caroline and I had so much fun in Conway. Tracy and Adam always make us feel right at home! It is always such a blessing to get to see Tracy and such an encouragement to both of us as we try to be the best Moms we can be! We are already missing them and looking forward to our next time together.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ballet Camp Recital

On the last day of Caroline's ballet camp, the girls performed a small recital of what they had learned during the week. Tripp and I were so excited to see Caroline perform! We had been asking her everyday after camp what tap and ballet moves she had learned and she showed us a few steps but watching her during the recital was priceless!

The recital was the last 30 minutes of class on Friday. I snapped this picture before class started. Caroline loved her princess crown she made at camp!

Caroline and her new friend Summer

All of the parents were anxiously awaiting the opening of the studio doors so we could go in. When we walked in, all the girls were in cute dance costumes! Caroline told us later that she picked out her costume and she loved it!

First the girls performed several tap routines to fun music. Caroline really liked to swing and stomp her feet as hard as she could! It was so funny!

Caroline lead the tap train behind one of her teachers, Miss Brittany.

Next it was ballet time. We were so impressed that the girls had learned to go get their bag, take off their tap shoes, and put on their ballet shoes all by themselves!

Showing off her ballet moves!

Caroline chasseing across the room

After the recital, Caroline returned her costume and got some love from her cheering section. I know she felt so special to have her grandparents there!

Caroline loved her pink rose from her Daddy

Princess ballet camp was such a great experience. Caroline enjoyed every minute! We are looking forward to Caroline starting a ballet/tap/tumbling combination class in August.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ballet Camp

This week is princess ballet camp at the Mississippi Metropolitan Dance Academy. Caroline has been waiting for ballet camp to start all summer! Each day at camp they learn some tap and ballet moves, hear a story about a princess, and make a craft. Caroline is having so much fun!

I had to take a few pictures of our ballerina before her first class.

Showing me some of her moves!

Tripp and I cannot wait for her "recital" on Friday where we get to see what she has learned this week!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pool Time!

Caroline and I have enjoyed going to the pool this summer. That is about the only outdoor activity I am doing this summer because it is so hot! We usually go several mornings a week while Daddy is at work, but Caroline loves when her Daddy comes with us! And on Saturday Aunt Bessie swam with us, too. Caroline had so much fun!

Now that Caroline has learned to swim, she rarely wears her floaties anymore. Luckily she can stand up in the 3 foot depth at the pool!

She loves jumping off the side of the pool and swimming to her Daddy!

Caroline and Aunt Bessie

This is why having Daddy at the pool is so much fun! I cannot throw Caroline quite that high! Ha!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catching Up (on Easter)!

We had a couple of crazy months during our move to Mississippi so I am getting caught up on my blogging! So yes, I am posting about Easter in July! But I want to have these special memories recorded here.

We spent Easter in Mississippi with our family. On Saturday, we went to the local Easter egg hunt and Caroline had so much fun! She is quite the egg hunter (especially since we have egg hunts year round at our house!).

The preggo sisters!

There were all kinds of activities for the kids after the egg hunt. Caroline enjoyed the face painting!

Caroline and Hailey

On Easter morning we went to church with Puppy and Granddaddy. We had Easter lunch at Aunt Dodo's house with all of my family. We celebrated with the Dixons that evening.

Caroline loved her Easter basket and goodies from Aunt Bessie and Uncle Jeremy!

Opening an Easter present from Gomme and Dandy

Caroline enjoyed another egg hunt at Aunt Dodo and Uncle B.G.'s house!