Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Pics of Caroline

I wanted to post some new pictures of Caroline because she is a growing girl! At her 8-week doctor's appointment she weighed 11 lbs, 12 ounces, and was 24 inches tall. She is growing up so fast! This is a very fun age because she is starting to make facial expressions, and she gives lots of pretty smiles!

Caroline going to church last Sunday

Caroline and her Daddy hanging out together

Caroline asleep in her Aunt Bessie's arms

Caroline's First Day of School

Today was Caroline's first day at the Trinity UMC daycare. I took her around 9AM this morning. It was very hard to leave her, but she was sleeping so that made it easier. I, of course, left "Caroline's Information Sheet" with her teachers which is a full typed page of instructions! This sheet includes her feeding schedule and instructions for naptime, playtime, and fussy time! I was excited to find out that there are only 2 other babies in her class right now, and they seem very low maintenance! So, there is one teacher for the other 2 babies, and one teacher just for Caroline! When I picked her up at 1pm, the other 2 babies were in swings and both teachers were tending to Caroline. The teachers informed me that she was wearing her 3rd outfit for the day. What can I say, she likes to display her cute wardrobe! She seemed happy when I picked her up (I had already informed Tripp that if she was crying when I got there she would never return!). When she saw me, she gave me a big smile! I was very anxious about today, and I am so thankful that it went smoothly. It is going to be a challenge everyday she goes to daycare for me, so keep the prayers coming!