Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beach Vacation (Part Three)

This is the last post on our beach vacation! On Saturday night, we went to eat dinner at Live Bait at the Wharf. We had a great meal, and Caroline was so sweet at the restaurant. Before dinner, we went down to the beach to take some beach pictures, of course! As you can see from the 3 posts, we had a wonderful vacation with our family. Thank you, Puppy and Granddaddy, for such a great trip!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Beach Vacation (Part One)

This past week we went to Orange Beach with Puppy & Granddaddy and Aunt Bessie & Uncle Jeremy. We have been looking forward to this trip all summer long! And we had such a wonderful time! We could not wait to see how Caroline would like the beach. We took her to the beach last year, but she was only 4 months old so she pretty much stayed in the condo the whole trip. But not this year! She loved the beach! She loved the sand and the ocean. She also enjoyed playing in the pools at the condo. The first day we took Caroline to the beach she put sand in her mouth and said "Mmmm". Too cute! The guys had fun playing golf and the girls had fun relaxing at the beach (except for Puppy who did not do much relaxing -- she was too busy chasing Caroline!). We enjoyed every minute of our trip, especially just being with our family. We took a ton of pictures, so I will post some here. Stay tuned because I will be posting more pictures during the week.

Sweet little feet touching the sand for the first time

Walking on the beach with Aunt Bessie and Puppy

Feeling the water for the first time

Caroline loved filling up her sand pail with water

Swimming in the indoor pool with Daddy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1st Day of School (as a Penguin!)

Today was Caroline's first day in her new classroom. She has graduated from Lambs Group B and is now in the Penguins class! Normally the kids go from Lambs Group B to Bunnies and then to Penguins, but what can I say -- Caroline is already advanced and skipping grades!!! Tripp and I both took her to school this morning so we could meet her new teachers. Caroline loved her new classroom full of toys. She walked right over to a bin full of baby dolls, picked out her baby, and she was ready to go! She did not even cry when we left her. When Tripp picked her up this afternoon, she was sliding down a slide in her classroom having a great time! Here are some pictures from this morning.

Notice we have are no longer carrying a diaper bag to school, but a backpack (thank you, Adalyn!). Some other changes in her new room include napping on a cot and not in a crib, and using her passy only during nap time. Caroline is becoming such a big girl so fast!!!

Caroline is so excited to be a penguin!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mother-Daddy-Daughter Day

Today was Mother-Daddy-Daughter Day! Tripp and I were both off work today, so we planned a fun day for our family centered around Caroline. First we strolled Caroline to a park up the street and she got to swing, one of her favorite things to do. Then after lunch, we headed to the Botanical Gardens. Tripp and I had been a couple of times at Christmas to see the lights, but that was our only experience with the Botanical Gardens until today. We had such a wonderful time. It is so beautiful and there is so much for kids to do. There are a lot of water features during the summer, so you know Caroline had a great time!

After the Botanical Gardens, we went to the pool. Caroline had a great time swimming with her Daddy and carrying a pail full of water around the pool!

I am so thankful for my family and so glad we got to spend a fun day together!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Babysitting Charlotte!

Last night, Tripp and I had the honor of babysitting Charlotte while her parents went to a wedding. She was a perfect angel! Caroline enjoyed having Charlotte over, too. Caroline loves her baby dolls, so she was so excited to have a real live baby at her house! Here are some pictures of our fun night with two precious girls.