Friday, July 18, 2008

Caroline's First Friend

My freshman year at Ole Miss I met a girl named Tracy Beecham. We became great friends that year, pledged the same sorority, and then we were roommates our sophomore, junior, and senior years at Ole Miss. More importantly, we became best friends. We both got married in 2004 just 3 months apart. And now we have baby girls that are 4 months apart! Tracy was such a blessing to me during our time at Ole Miss, and her friendship continues to be a precious gift from God. This week Tracy and her daughter, Adalyn, came to Huntsville. I got to meet Adalyn for the first time, and Caroline and Adalyn got to meet each other. Tracy and I both look forward to them growing up together and becoming good friends like we are. Maybe they will even room together at Ole Miss one day (even though Adam, Adalyn's father, thinks she is going to be an Arkansas razorback)! She is way too cute to be a hog! Caroline and I enjoyed our visit with them so much, and we cannot wait until the next time we get together!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Caroline's New Toy

Caroline has a new toy, and she loves it. Of course, Tripp and I are so excited because she will actually sit in her swing for 20 minutes at a time, and sometimes she evens falls asleep swinging! Tripp and I are actually getting to eat dinner at the same time now (one of us used to eat while the other held Caroline and then we would switch)! We discovered she loved the swing when she used one at our friends Jenni and Travis's house. We immediately left their house and went straight to Target to purchase one. Caroline is having a great time just a swingin'!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Caroline Goes to Mississippi

Last weekend Caroline went on her first road trip to Mississippi. We all had a great time taking her back to her roots. She may have been born in Alabama and lives here now, but she will always be a Mississippi girl at heart! During the trip she got to meet her Uncle Tyler for the first time. She also met her great grandparents and her great Aunt Dianne. Puppy and Grandaddy Smith and Winnie and Grandaddy Dixon were so glad to see her, too! During our trip, Caroline made her first public appearance. She went shopping with her Mom and Puppy. She also went to her first restaurant on the trip back home -- the Cracker Barrel, of course! She was so good during the drive and out in public. We cannot believe how fast she is growing. She is already 6 weeks old!