Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Playdate

Last Friday, Jennifer and Charlotte hosted a Halloween playdate for our playgroup. Caroline was so excited about playing with her friends!

Before we left, Tripp took a picture of me and my girl. She is not too happy to be leaving Winnie and Granddaddy, but she had a great time once we got to playgroup.

Jennifer had everything looking so cute. She made ghosts (marshmellows dipped in white chocolate) and witches (decorated pretzel sticks) which all the kids loved!

Caroline, Thomas, and Kate enjoying their ghosts!

The girls hanging out together

Caroline enjoyed playing with baby Reese. She was so sweet with Reese and even let me hold her without screaming "my Mommy"!

Caroline loved playing with Charlotte's activity cube. She managed to share it with Kate and William, too!

Best friends William and Thomas (Caroline was fascinated with William's pumpkin pacifier!)

The kids loved making a pumpkin.

Rylie and Caroline are showing off their work!

Kristina and Joshua coloring!

This playdate was a great way to kick off Halloween! Caroline is looking forward to dressing up as Abby Cadabby and trick-or-treating with her friends!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Caroline and Kate

Caroline and Kate are 3 months apart and have so much fun playing together. Lately, Caroline has had an imaginary friend fashioned after the real Kate. For example, when we go to the park, we have to pretend to push Kate in a swing. One day we were leaving the park and I was putting Caroline in her stroller. She asked how Kate was going to get home. I told Caroline she could ride with her in the stroller. To which Caroline responded by screaming "Mine!" and throwing a fit! Yes, it is true, my child will not even share with her imaginary friend. Not good!

Caroline has been asking to go to Kate's house one day and play. So she was so excited last Friday to get to play with the real Kate and all of her fun toys!

Caroline had a great time and did not want to leave. She had to give Kate a few hugs before going. Kate looks like she is not so sure about Caroline hugging her!

It will be so fun to watch these girls grow up together and became even closer friends!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ole Miss - Alabama Game

This weekend Tripp and I went to Tuscaloosa for the Ole Miss-Alabama game. Our best friends, Jason and Jennifer, are Alabama fans so every year we go to the game together. Puppy and Granddaddy kept Caroline so we could enjoy our weekend with friends! Friday night the 4 of us went to dinner on the strip at Buffalo Phil's. We ate here together a few years ago when I was pregnant with Caroline. Then we walked down the strip to The Houndstooth. We enjoyed visiting with Jason, Jennifer, and Charlie (Jenn's brother)!

This was Alabama's homecoming weekend, so Saturday we went to the homecoming parade. Charlotte loved the parade! She sat in her stroller and watched all the floats go by!

We enjoyed a lazy Saturday afternoon watching football since our game was not until 8pm. Lesley and Jeremy drove up Saturday for the game. It was great to see them!

We also got to see Tripp's cousin Carolyn and her fiancee Patrick on Saturday. Finally, it was almost game time so we got dressed and went to eat at the President's Mansion.

I love this picture of all of us, but Caroline is missing!

Colonel Reb even made an appearance. When I saw this lawn decoration at one of the sorority houses, we had to get a picture! (I guess this sorority didn't hear that we are now the black bears!)

As usual, we lost the game. I am hoping one of these years Ole Miss will actually beat Alabama! But we had such a fun weekend with our friends! Thank you, Jason and Jennifer, for such a great time in T-town! Can't wait until we are back in the Grove next year!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday, Tripp, Caroline, and I went to Tate Farms, a local pumpkin patch. Our friends Stacey and William came along. This was our first time at Tate Farms, and it was great! There is so much for the kids to do. Caroline and William had so much fun!

Caroline and William were so excited to pick a pumpkin! They kept picking up pumpkins off all of the harvest displays!

Riding their horses!

Our tall girl!

Caroline loved the petting zoo! She got to pet a bunny, goat, lamb, and puppy dog.

Driving a tractor! Caroline told William he was driving to Winnie's house and she was driving to Puppy's house!

Posing with the pumpkins!

Climbing on a 110 pound pumpkin!

Stacey and William on the corn car ride. The corn cars were hooked to a tractor and it pulled them around the farm. Caroline and Tripp were going to ride next, but once Caroline got in the car she started crying and said she was scared. So Tripp and Caroline jumped out before the ride started! William loved every second of his ride, though!

It was a very warm day, but a beautiful day. Caroline and William got some pumpkin drinks and enjoyed every sip!

Caroline and William picked out 2 great pumpkins in the pumpkin patch!

On the hayride!

Taking a ride in the wheelbarrow!

The last thing we did was the corn crib. Caroline and William loved it!

I think I may have been more excited than Caroline to go to Tate Farms, and it did not disappoint! It was a wonderful family Saturday at the pumpkin patch with great friends!