Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

We are leaving tomorrow for Mississippi to spend Easter with our family. We are so excited about a wonderful Easter weekend! I cannot wait to see Caroline in her Easter dress. Her is a sneak peek of her dress!

Today Caroline and I dyed some eggs and decorated them. She loved dying the eggs. She would dip all of her eggs in the dye, then dip them again in a different color! We decorated a few eggs, but she really just wanted to dip them in the dye!

(I realize that Caroline is wearing her Valentine PJs while dying Easter eggs. Not my outfit of choice for these pics, but she refused to get dressed after her nap today. Since I was pretty sure dye would get all over her clothes, I did not fight her on it!)

I am so excited about seeing my family, Easter egg hunts, eating Cadbury eggs, Easter dresses, etc. But I pray that my main focus this Easter weekend will be on my precious Savior, Jesus. To quote of my Acteen girls, "Jesus's love for me just blows my mind." That is pretty much the way I feel when I think about His sacrifice on the cross for me.

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In His great mercy He has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..." I Peter 1:3

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Trip, Part 2!

We spend Saturday afternoon at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. We met up with our friends Patrick, Jane', and Emory. Caroline and Emory had never met before but it didn't take them long to become best friends!

We had a great visit with our friends and enjoyed catching up. It had been over 4 years since we had seen each other but the 4 of us had not changed all that much (except that we each had a sweet baby girl)!

This picture makes me laugh. Patrick and Tripp with the pink and green strollers!

The park has a carousel so we took Caroline for a ride. The first round she picked out a horse and the second ride a bunny (known to Caroline as "neigh neigh" and "hop hop").

Tripp and I had so much fun with Caroline on this weekend trip. We could not believe how sweet she was the entire trip despite late nights and short nap times. This has encouraged us to go on more family trips just the 3 of us. We are looking forward to a beach trip this summer!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Trip!

This weekend Tripp and I took Caroline to Chattanooga to go to the aquarium. It was such beautiful weather all weekend, and we all had a great time! On Friday night we went to eat at Big River Brewery and then to Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream. While we were waiting on our table, we strolled over to the aquarium and let Caroline run around.

Caroline loves climbing stairs!

As usual, she was on the go full speed ahead!

On Saturday morning we took Caroline to the aquarium. Tripp had us first in line for tickets and then we were the first ones in the aquarium! I was not sure just how interested Caroline would be but she loved every minute. She ran from exhibit to exhibit screaming "fishhhhh"! If you ask her what she saw at the aquarium she will say "fish, turtle, shark, and gator"! She loved putting her hand down in water, and she even touched a fish!

Our tall girl!

Caroline and I were trying to look scared in the shark tank!

Saturday afternoon we met up with some of our friends from Ringold, GA, and went to Coolidge park. Pics from the park still to come ...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Friends Already!

Shelby, Kate, Charlotte, and Caroline ...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Caroline and I had a great time in Mississippi. We got to spend a lot of time with our family, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Caroline with Dandy, Gomme, and Puppy

Swinging with Aunt Dodo

Playing on the I-Phone with Uncle Jeremy

Caroline and Dandy

The weather was so nice while we were in Mississippi. Caroline had a great time playing outside and going to several parks. Here are some pictures of her playing at the park with Hailey. (Hailey lives across the street from Winnie and Granddaddy and is a sweet friend to Caroline)

They look so cute in their matching lime green!

Loving the sand!

Stacy (Hailey's Mom), Hailey, Caro, and Winnie

We also celebrated Winnie's birthday while we were in town. Uncle Tyler planned a surprise birthday party for Winnie. She was so surprised!

We are looking forward to Easter and our next trip home!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with Winnie and Granddaddy!

This past weekend Winnie and Granddaddy came to Huntsville for a visit. We were so glad to see them, especially Caroline. She was so excited! On Friday night, they took Caroline to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time while Tripp and I went on a date! It was such a fun night for everyone. Caroline loved Chuck E. Cheese's and we really enjoyed dinner and shopping!

On Saturday, we took Caroline to the park for a few minutes. It was such a pretty day with lots of sunshine, but still pretty cool outside.

Winnie and Granddaddy gave Caroline some new books and they are now her favorite. One is an Elmo Potty Time book (since Caro is potty training) and the other is a Little Mermaid book (Caro loves Ariel). I love this pic of Winnie and Caroline reading books!

Caroline and I are so excited to be going to Mississippi tomorrow. Caroline cannot wait to see her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, and uncles!