Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Months Old!

Sunday was Catherine's 3-month birthday! I cannot believe she is already 3 months old. She is so precious, and we are enjoying every moment with our baby girl! She is starting to be very interactive and she even started laughing this past week. She is still sleeping through the night and eats every 3.5 hours during the day.

Catherine has the sweetest smile!

Olivia came over to play on Catherine's birthday.

Catherine loves her mobile that Puppy gave her. She squeals with delight when she is watching it!

Catherine loves her Kick & Play bouncer. Lesley got it from a friend and gave it to Mom to keep at her house for the girls. Catherine loved it so much that Mom passed it on to me. She will kick and kick and kick!

Catherine loves her big sister, and Caroline is equally smitten with her. Caroline wants to hold Catherine every morning while I make breakfast.

Daddy's sweet girls!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Smith Family Christmas

Yes, this is my last Christmas post! The day after Christmas we went to my parents' house to celebrate with Puppy, Granddaddy, Aunt Bessie, Uncle Jeremy, Olivia, and Aunt Dianne. Puppy had made a delicious brunch so we ate and then started with our stockings.

Olivia was very excited to open her stocking!

Puppy had each little girl a monkey in their stocking. Catherine loves this monkey. She played with it all day and stills plays with it all the time. She likes to grab the monkey by the tail!

Caroline loved her Clara figurine that was in her stocking. She is into everything Nutcracker right now after going to the ballet!

Lesley and I with our stockings

Puppy and Granddaddy loved their picture book from the girls.

Caroline loved her Rapunzel doll and dress from Aunt Bessie and Uncle Jeremy.

Tripp and Caroline with his framed diploma

Lesley and I wanted to do something special for Mom and Dad since they have been such a big help to us with our new baby girls and big sister!

Caroline and Aunt Bessie playing with her new Doggie Doo game

Olivia and Catherine were worn out from all of the excitement and fun!

Olivia and Catherine playing together in their crib!

Aunt Dianne arrived that afternoon and we exchanged presents with her. We had a great day spending time with our family and visiting with Aunt Dianne.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day

I love that Christmas was on Sunday this year. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than by going to church and praising God for the gift of His Son. Winnie and Granddaddy came over to see what Santa brought the girls and went to church with us.

We had one worship service at church and our pastor preached on John 1:14-18. Caroline went to her class during church. I will never forget her singing "O come let us adore Him" the whole way home from church. That will always be such a special memory for me as Tripp and I try to instill in her the real meaning of Christmas!

After church Uncle Tyler and Taylor came over for lunch and opening of gifts!

Tyler showing off his new shirt that says "39047 the cool Brandon".

Enjoying Christmas lunch

Getting ready to open presents

Caroline opening her Innotab from Winnie and Granddaddy. She calls it her I-Pad!

Caroline loved her new baby doll!

Caroline gave Uncle Tyler some coconut M&Ms. This is an inside joke between them!

Catherine loves her tummy time mat from Winnie and Granddaddy!

Later that afternoon we went over to Aunt Dodo and Uncle B.G.'s house to open presents and eat Christmas dinner.

Caroline loved her kitty hat and mittens from Aunt Dodo and Uncle B.G.!

Sweet Sisters!

The girls in their matching outfits!

The girls with Uncle B.G.

Caroline with Gomme and Dandy

We had a wonderful Christmas Day! This was the first year we were able to wake up at our house on Christmas morning and open presents. It was very special! And, of course, this was Catherine's first Christmas! And Caroline loved every moment of Christmas this year. It was so fun to see her so excited! We loved hosting Christmas lunch at our house and being at every family Christmas event this year. And we still had one more Christmas the day after Christmas at Puppy and Granddaddy's house. The last Christmas post coming soon...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Morning

We woke up on Christmas morning and saw that Santa had come to our house! There were presents under the tree, in our stockings, and in the keeping room. After feeding Catherine, we went upstairs to wake up Caroline (I know she will be waking us up in a few years!).

After some snuggling time for the sisters, we went downstairs to look in our stockings! Caroline was so excited to see what Catherine had gotten in her stocking, so she opened the gifts in her sister's stocking first!

Caroline loved her Ole Miss pony tail holder!

When we were done with stockings, Caroline walked around to see if Santa had left her any presents. She was so excited when she walked into the keeping room! She saw her kitchen first and checked it out. But her favorite present from Santa was the pink shopping cart with the baby doll in it just like she had asked!

After Caroline looked at all of her Santa presents, we opened our presents. She enjoyed opening her gifts and Catherine's gifts!

Catherine sat in her bouncer and took it all in!

I loved all of my gifts from Tripp. My 2 favorites were my Waxing Poetic necklace with charms and my sewing machine! He really surprised me this year, and I am so excited to get started sewing!

Tripp modeling his new coat!

After opening our presents, we got ready to go to church. The rest of Christmas day will be coming soon in the next post!