Monday, August 30, 2010

I miss college...

Maybe not the studying, but definitely my friends! This weekend Tracy and I met in Memphis for a sorority sister's wedding. And we had so much fun! I loved catching up with my college friends, a few who I have not seen in years. It was a beautiful wedding and a very fun reception. The reception was at the Pink Palace. There was an awesome band, and we danced and danced. I might have even done the pencil sharpener (my signature dance move from my college days) a time or two!

It was so great to see my college friends and spend some time with Tracy!

Happy Birthday, Kate!

On Saturday, we went to Kate's 2nd birthday party. Kate is one of Caroline's best friends. They have so much fun playing together, and Caroline had a great time at the party!

As always, the Barbie Jeep was a big hit!

Big sister Shelby helping Kate open her presents!

The theme of the party was ice cream sundaes. Such a cute theme! Caroline had to wear her ice cream top!

Enjoying her sundae!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Year Doctor's Visit

Today we had Caroline's 2-year doctor's appointment (we had to cancel her appointment in May and reschedule because we were out of town). Tripp and I had been telling Caroline about going to see Dr. Laue and pumping her up. She was excited and kept saying "see Dr. Loud"! But as soon as he walked in the door, she was not so happy to see him! Dr. Laue was very impressed with Caroline during this visit! He commented on how articulate her speech was and how great it was that she was already potty-trained. I am happy to report that Caroline remains in the 99th percentile for height! She is a tall girl! She was 38.25 inches tall and weighed 29.4 lbs (70th percentile for weight). I thought this was a shot-free visit, but Caroline had to get 2 shots. No fun, but she did great. Tripp and I are so thankful to have a healthy growing girl with lots of personality!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Miracle Bash

On Friday night, August 13th, Tripp and I went to the Miracle Bash. It is an event hosted by the Huntsville Hospital Foundation and all proceeds from the event go to the Neonatal ICU. The event was held at the Davidson Center at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. There is dinner, a live auction, and a silent auction. We always have a great time. And this year, we bid on a trip to Colorado in the live auction with our friends Jennifer and Jason and we won! We are going to Beaver Creek, CO, in February! We are so excited!

My two best friends in Huntsville, Jennifer and Jenni were hostesses at the Miracle Bash. Tripp took a picture of us at the event. No, we did not coordinate our outfits, but we look like we did!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Play Group

Yesterday we hosted play group at our house. Caroline was so excited for all of her friends to come over and play. I snapped a couple of pictures in between hosting and being sure Caroline was playing nice and sharing!

Charlotte and Caroline (Charlotte has changed so much since the last play group we had. She was walking around everywhere!)

Caroline and Bethany making a door hanger

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad and Aunt Di!

We went to Jackson this weekend to celebrate my Dad and my Aunt Dianne's birthday. They were born on the same day, August 13th, 3 years apart! This was a big birthday for Aunt Di (not telling which one because she would kill me)! We went to dinner at Julep, and it was so much fun. The food was delicious and we laughed and laughed. My Dad is very funny, but he is even funnier when my Aunt is around. Like typical brother and sister they like to make fun of each other and it is very entertaining!

The birthday boy and girl toasting themselves! The martini they have is called "Caroline's Wedding Cake" and it is one of Julep's signature martinis!

The cake was half pink and half blue. They have had to share their birthday their whole lives, which apparently my Dad did not like growing up. Aunt Di said that Dad was crying in every birthday picture growing up because he had to share his birthday!

Opening gifts!

Yes, Aunt Di had asked for this head vase for her birthday. She saw it in Mississippi magazine and had to have it!

Mom and Dad gave Aunt Di a bottle tree and then we filled it up with gag gifts! Loving the toilet paper at the top!

I feel like we miss a lot of family events living in Huntsville so I was so happy to get to celebrate my Dad and Aunt Di's birthday! It was such a wonderful weekend with family!

Friday, August 13, 2010

1st Day of School (as a Zebra!)

On Tuesday, Caroline moved up to the Zebra class. She was so excited about becoming a zebra. The first thing she said when she woke up that morning was "Zebra"! Caroline started off as a Lamb, then moved to Penguin, and now Zebra! Here are some pictures from her first day.

I searched for the perfect outfit for her first day, and when I saw the zebra top at Janie & Jack in Birmingham I had to get it!

Just for comparison, here is a pic from her first day last August. Think she has changed much?

Friday, August 6, 2010


Caroline has had a wonderful summer spending time with her friends. She gets so excited when she gets to see her friends! Here are some pictures taken this summer of Caroline with her friends.

Caroline and Charlotte

Caroline and William

Caroline, Thomas, and William

Kate, Shelby, Caroline, and Charlotte

Caroline, Shelby, and Kate

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seaside: Day 3

We started our last full day in Seaside with a bike ride around the town. As I have said, Caroline, Tripp, and I loved riding the bikes! We scouted out some places for us to stay next summer! I am pretty sure we have started a new family tradition! We plan to continue to spend some time each summer in Seaside. Since this was our last day, I wanted to take some beach pictures of Caroline. I love the way they turned out!

One of my favorite things about Seaside is the sandy paths you can walk or ride your bike down in between the cottages. I had to get a few pictures on the path by our cottage!

This gazebo was one street over from our cottage. When I saw it, I knew I wanted to take a few pictures of Caroline in it!

On the beach!